Monday, January 11, 2010

I am a Phoenix

I am a Phoenix.  Today is my first day of on line classes at Axia College, the New Jersey location of Phoenix University. Thinking back through the years, the first time I had ever heard of the mythical firebird was through a character on the sci-fi soap opera, Dark Shadows.  Laura Collins, who bore my first name, was the supposedly dead wife of Roger Collins.  Every hundred years, she would be consumed by fire and, as a human version of the creature, she would arise again from the ashes. 

As a 1960's teenager, I was intrigued by this concept, little knowing that my 21st century self would, at least metaphorically, one day do the same.   I have not lived 100 years yet, but over half as much and it has been a full life including family, marriage, motherhood, friends, and experiential learning. Five years ago I became a widow and began a new journey.  The question became could I arise from the ashes of my old life into something as beautiful and fierce and resilient as the phoenix of mythology.  The answer is Yes, I can and Yes, I will. Stay tuned for what happens next.


  1. This is great Laura, don't know if I could do the same. I know you will do exactly what you are meant to do. Good Luck


  2. Thanks Monica for my very first comment. I am having fun.